At Beacon Internal Medicine, we treat a wide range of illnesses and conditions in Portsmouth, N.H. Our services include:

Cholesterol Screening Program

Beacon is working with the Foundation for Healthy Communities to ensure appropriate cholesterol screening for men and women.

Diabetes Management Program

Patients with diabetes will receive comprehensive care management along with excellent educational materials and resource information to learn more about their condition.

Nutrition Visits

Patients can schedule an appointment with one of our Physician Assistants who is also a Registered Dietician to learn more about eating healthy.

Walk-In Clinic

We now have walk-in hours available for our patients with minor illnesses. This service is available from 8:00am - 10:00am, Mon - Sat. Here is a list of things we consider to be appropriate for our patients to walk-in for: cold, cough, congestion, acute back pain, rash, allergies, acute migraine, insect bite, acute injury, and/or symptoms of Conjunctivitis, urinary tract infection, or ear or sinus infection.